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A Scoop of Heaven

 A Scoop of Heaven 

“Strawberry ice cream please!” There is nothing better than fresh cold ice cream on a hot summer day! But as you’re eating your luscious ice cream have you ever wondered where ice cream began or how it has evolved?

The very wise Chinese King Tang of Shang was the great inventor of the best refreshment in the world. He was thought to have “ice men” who filled pots with a syrupy mixture, snow, aFoogasmnd salt. And POOF ice cream was born. The Quaker’s were the ones who first introduced ice cream to the US. Did you know that Ben Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson were said to have eaten ice cream regularly! Also First Lady Dolley Madison served ice cream at her husband’s Inaugural Ball in 1813. To find more interesting facts about ice cream click here > http://www.icecream.com/icecreaminfo. As you can see ice cream has been around for quite a while.                                                                                        Leo Hidalgo via Compfight

In today’s world ice cream is a very popular choice. Ben and Jerry’s, Cold Stone, Turkey Hill, and many more have become famous for their delicious scoops of heaven. Without ice cream these companies would not be where they are today. Summer is almost here! So the next time you go to the pool don’t forget to get a cold sweet treat. And remember….. “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream. And that’s kind of the same thing.”



Quiz time! Let’s see who was paying attention! Comment below if you remember (Without scrolling up) one president who was known to have eaten ice cream regularly. Extra points if you can remember more!


National Limerick Day :D

 Two days ago was National Limerick Day! Because of this special occasion Mrs. Smith decided that we should learn how to write our very own Limerick. I am usually do not enjoy writing poetry, but I actually really liked it this time! So I have written below the five simple requirements to writing a Limerick…….

 #1 – It has to have 5 lines

#2 – It has a pattern like (A, A, B, B, A) so the A lines have to rhyme and the B lines have to rhyme

#3 – A lines have to have 8 to 9 syllables

#4 – B lines have to have 5 to 6 syllables

#5 – Last but not least it has to be very funny and silly 😀

Here are some of the Limericks that I had fun writing…..

There once was a cow

Who didn’t know how

To compose himself

While swimming with an elf

That is why we can not find him now

Calf on straw

Compassion in World Farming via Compfight

I am not really one to boast

But I ran away with some toast

He was really cool

Until that darn pool

Now he lives on the sunny coast


George Hatcher via Compfight

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Contest Time :D

Hey guys 😀 I thought that maybe if we did a fun contest then we could get some more visitor’s ( and commenter’s love you guys ). So if you think you know what my favorite movie is then comment below and I will give you a shout out on my blog :D. Here are the movies…….



Catching Fire

Percy Jackson: Lightning Thief

Guardian’s of the Galaxy

Star Wars (all of them :P)




Student Blogging Challenge Week #3

This week for the student blogging challenge I made a sentence only out of pictures. Please comment below if you figure it out 🙂

WavyCreative Commons LicenseA Love of Books    Park Bench    März 2013 - CC -  March 2013    Retro Corporate Logo Goodness_00068Creative Commons License  Arrow        

cyril galline via Compfight

rido-lin via Compfight

Jordan Lloyd via Compfight

eagle1effi via Compfight

Bill Hertha via Compfight

Andrew Hoyer via Compfight

Ian Boggs via Compfight




Reading Response


If I could give Call Hunt from the Iron Trial any gift I would give him one more chance to talk to his dad on the “tornado” phone. This would be my gift because the last time Call was talking to his dad he got cut off. He never got to finish telling Call what he really is. So if he got another chance to talk to his dad he could figure it out.


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Reading Response



If you are a swimmer and you like Micheal Phelps this book is for you. It’s his perspective of the Olympics and different things that happened to him in his life. I really liked this quote from the book so I decided to put it on this bookmark.


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Reading Response

                 Bick                                         Storm


Has a twin sister (Beck)               Are family to Beck and Tommy                Girl

Boy                                                       Lost their parents                                           Has a photographic memory

Likes to dive for treasure           Wants to complete parents’ mission       Doesn’t like to dive for treasure

Younger                                             Would choose the ocean over land           Older



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All About Me :)

              Hi I’m Emma! Welcome to my blog! I am an only child (but my best friend Mackenzie is just like a sister to me). My favorite subject is math because my other best friend Sabine is in it with me. P.S. you should totally check out their blogs 🙂  I don’t know what I would do if turtles went extinct because they are my favorite animal in the whole universe. I love to play softball and swim on NCAP. Whenever I get bored at home I love to do crafts or play piano.  My all time favorite book series are Hunger Games and Percy Jackson. Katniss and Percy are so cool and adventures. I have a super cute cat named Benny and I love him more than anything. He is soooo funny because once he curls up in your lap you can’t get back up. Personally I would much rather read a good book then write, but I’ starting to grow on it. I hope I don’t disappoint 🙂


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